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 Jun for Java 234

We have released a new version, 234, of "Jun for Java".


  The 234-src.zip includes source files only.
  The 234-lib.zip includes jar files and dll file only.

  The major changes since the version 200 includes:

        * New display model, JunOpenGLMicrocosm, is added. This
          display model will put you in a virtual space (Microcosm) and
          allow you to see & walk around.  Please refer to the following
          URL for more information (only written in Japanese though):

        * Focus button is added to the Viewfinder.  This button
          allows you to select a focus area by click-and-drag the mouse
          on a viewfinder, and zoom to the focus area when you release
          the mouse button.

        * JunOpenGLDisplayModel/View/Controller are refined to be
          more efficient.

  In the next release, we'll provide you "Jun for Java" running
  on Linux.

                            Best regards,

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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