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 $$$$ Employment Opportunities $$$$

                        OBJECT TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING

Edison Group is one of the Southwest's leading technology consulting  
firms specializing in custom development using object technology,  
client/server package implementations and business advisory services.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and our personal  
commitment to our clients' success.

We have rewarding career opportunities at our Dallas and Los Angeles  
offices for adaptable, team-oriented, self-motivated professionals with

experience building mission critical systems using object technology.  

Successful candidates will have:

*       good communication skills, written and oral,
*       experience building business applications,
*       experience dealing with end users,
*       proficiency in at least one of the following: VisualWorks,
        VisualAge, Visual Smalltalk, IBM Smalltalk, Smalltalk/V, Object
        Studio or C++.  

Senior level positions require:

*       experience with project management,  
*       track record of successful project implementation,
*       object oriented analysis & design skills,
*       proficiency in object oriented development methodologies,
*       mentoring skills,
*       object oriented databases, such as GemStone, ObjectStore or
*       change management tools, such as ENVY,
*       Distributed Smalltalk.

Our people earn best-in-class compensation with excellent benefits  
including: comprehensive health insurance, quarterly performance
and a 401(k) plan.  If you are self-motivated and enjoy working in a  
team environment, we want to speak with you.

For consideration, please forward your resume to:


        Edison Group
        Attn: Recruiting
        17218 Preston Road, Suite 430
        Dallas, Texas 75252  

        FAX:            214-931-9329
        Voice:  214-931-9292

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