Problems with NLS support in VS - (solved) 
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 Problems with NLS support in VS - (solved)


>I am implementing a multilanguage application using the pool dictionaries as
>documented in the VS manuals.

>Things work OK except for the fact that as far as I can tell, methods have to be
>recompiled to reflect changes in the pool variables. This makes the proposed
>approach useless if one wants to dynamically (at runtime) load the application
>strings as hinted in the VSE manual (p. 17-6). It appears to me that to support
>this mode of operation, reference to entries in the string dictionary must be made
>explicitely rather that implicitely through the use of pool variable names.

>If anybody has devised an elegant solution to the problem of dynamic
>loading of application strings, I would like to hear about it.

As the author of the original post of this message, I just wanted to let
interested people know that I was wrong and the system actually
works well and provides for a very elegant solution. One just has to
be very careful not to bind the sll to the development image.

Here is how I made it work:

1) Initialize the pool dictionary
2) Create an SLL containing jsut the pool dictionary
3) Implement a protocol to dynamically bind the SLL when the application
SLL is bound
3) Assign an empty dictionary to the pool before creating the main
application SLL
4) Run the application with the proper version of the SLL containing the pool

Note: This should also allow for on-the-fly changes to the application strings
but I have not tried it yet.

Good luck to you all.

Laurent Gauthier
Agr. Eng. Dept., Laval University
Quebec, Canada

Tue, 05 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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