who is doing smalltalk/sql development? 
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 who is doing smalltalk/sql development?

Is anyone developing large production systems using Digitalk's Smalltalk
V/PM and Microsoft or Sybase sqlserver?  How about with other sql type

We are currently in the process of evaluating a move to Digitalk's
Smalltalk PM for our in house user interface development.  We've been using
MDBS's Object1, a Smalltalk like late binding oops language and class
hierarchy to develop user interfaces for Microsoft Sqlserver based database

I'd very much like to get some sense of what production (not prototype)
systems are being built using these tools.  Any war stories would also be

Many thanks!

Jim Campbell
Distributed Processing Group
Duke University Medical Center Information Systems

Sat, 18 Jun 1994 04:54:57 GMT  
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