What to learn using VW or OS for data analyzing 
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 What to learn using VW or OS for data analyzing

I am an amateur.

The task is to develop some data analyzing-plotting-reporting tools
for my everyday work.

Formerly I used Rlab (our-lab, is Mathlab alike) but it's a hard work
to maitain it when it growing large.

I know well the OO approach to modeling and the Smalltalk language
I'm eager to know what to pick from the huge library come with each
version(VW or OS) the very objects and subjects:) I really will need.
The data files are in binary mode and may be read/written by programs
in C. They can be changing over time.

** Problems **

1) I can read and write or append to them using some fileStream
methods. But I also want to insert into them or modify inside them at
some known poisition( yes, that's what the seek() function in C does).
Is there any existing method will help?

2) It's easy to read from the files and form an Array or Vector object
for each. But I want to visualize them in some Views or FormItems, so
they have some worksheet alike view(better if modifying is available
for testing) and plotted as kinds of Excel Graphs. Where should I
start with?

3) I have to limit those technics to learn. But if the analyzing and
plotting work can be simplified much I'd like to try to utilize the
Excel and its Graph tool. Say I only need to do this on Windoz, then
what to do? I have taken a look at the OS OLE and VW COM  Guide, and
not knowing which to choose and what to use; the OLE client/server,
customer control or something else?

Since it's only to be used by myself, performance and Gui and such
things are not that seriously considered.

Thanks in advance!!

Best regards,

Old new amateur, from Chinese OO Culture;)

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 13:52:28 GMT  
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