Writing gif files from smalltalk 
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 Writing gif files from smalltalk

I'm almost a total novice when it comes to Smalltalk programming so
I'd like to run the situation by people who've been involved in
this work a lot longer than I have.

Goal: Produce gif files as output from a Smalltalk program.

Option 1:  Find an existing PD routine in smalltalk that writes gif files.
           Any suggestions?   Send me the code??
Option 2:  Get some great hints on how to modify the ST program we have
           that *reads* gif files.
Option 3:  Suggest where I can get a PD filter that converts postscript
           files to gif.  We have a routine that writes postscript files.
Option 4:  Any other ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, does anybody have a description of the gif format that they could
send me?

<as you can see I am lacking a few things at the moment to do this job!>


- Doug Schuler
  Boeing Computer Services

Mon, 21 Jul 1997 08:07:35 GMT  
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