Calling an external program 
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 Calling an external program

I'm trying to call a executable code (ebb) that was generated
with CSet++ and linked with a library (libebb.a).
When I call the program using UNIXProcess execute: or
AbtProgramStarter startProgram of the Smalltalk, the following
message appear:

>Could not load program ebb
>Symbol __DestructSOMBase in ./libebb.a is undefined
>Could not load library libebb.a
>Error was: Exec format error

I had done tests from command line from current directory or other
directory and could do execute it. Tests calling other code that is
not linked with libraries was done and executed. The problem occur
only with this code and this library. I could not find the symbol
*DestructSOMBase* anywhere.
All paths were setted.

Does anybody have a clue?
Thanks in advance,

Andre Sousa Dantas de Araujo

Campinas - SP - Brasil

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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