US-Virginia OO Mentors/Developers 
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 US-Virginia OO Mentors/Developers


OSG (Object Systems Group) is a technology-based consultancy that provides
assistance to Global 1000 corporations in new and emerging technologies.
We currently have numerous openings for  September, November, and December
in {*filter*}ia for the following areas:

OOA/OOD Mentors
Minimum 5 years information technology experience with 2 years of object
oriented analysis and design in NeXT or Smalltalk environments. The
project is an enterprise-wide transition to OO that will take
approximately 2+ years. It is a large scale deployment of objects, and
will challenge even the most talented object professionals.

Minimum 3+ years total experience in object oriented technology with any
NeXTSTEP, AppKit, DBKit and Objective C preferred. Please contact us for
more specific information.

Group, Inc., Attn: Glenda Maddox, 3048 Infomart, 1950 Stemmons Freeway,
Dallas, Tx. 75207, or fax to 214 742-5847.

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