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 OOPSLA'97 DesignFest

OOPSLA '97 DesignFest

The third OOPSLA 97 DesignFest is about design and creativity. The
DesignFest event has been designed to give OOPSLA attendees the
opportunity to learn more about design by doing design. DesignFest is
not about passively sitting and listening to experts talk about design.
DesignFest is about sharpening your design skills by rolling up your
sleeves and working a real design problem with others in the field!

You will work in small groups to solve a particular design problem,
bringing to bear your experience and skills in object-oriented design
and/or in working on similar problems. The goal is to learn new
techniques from each other and to uncover and articulate the analysis
and design patterns that we already use subconsciously.

Design teams will be provided with a timetable, process hints and a
list of deliverables. During the design session, teams will get the
opportunity to improve their designs by periodically comparing their
work with that of other teams solving the same problem independently.
The results of all groups will be presented at the DesignFest panel
held on Thursday. There will also be a poster exhibit for the final
reports from each design team. After OOPSLA, the design problems and
the solutions developed at OOPSLA will be published on the DesignFest
Web site.

Each group will have a moderator and a recorder. The recorder is
responsible for reporting about what the group has achieved in design
and what they have learned. The moderator is responsible for making
sure that the group makes progress, without directing the group into a
certain direction.

You can choose to work on one of these 4 problems:

* Stock Exchange Order Matcher
* Personal Expense Account Manager
* Video Store Manager
* Client-Server Technical Architecture

For each problem we will provide a detailed description of the domain
and a requirements specification. A domain expert that acts as the
customer will be available during the design sessions.

DesignFest is neither a design class nor a tutorial. We are looking for
designers, who want to sharpen and measure their skills by interacting
with their peers. In additional to enhancing your design skills,
DesignFest provides a friendly and informal environment to meet and
interact with other conference attendees.

More information can be obtained by visiting our Web site:


To register, please fill out the registration form on the DesignFest
Web site. We would like you to fill in the biographical information and
the reason why you are interested so that we can place you in a
suitable group. Acceptance will be on a first come basis. We strongly
urge you to apply before August because the number of rooms that will
be assigned to the DesignFest depends on the number of attendants at
that date. You will be notified of acceptance before August 20. If
space permits, it is possible to apply at OOPSLA.

The web site will be updated to indicate if the DesignFest is full
before OOPSLA. Space will be limited, so it is best to apply

If you dont have access to the Web, then send E-mail to

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