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 More VisualWorks Widgets

Objectsoft Introduces VisualKit Professional

Additional Palette Items for VisualWorks Developers

CHICAGO, Illinois -- January 5, 1996 -- Today Objectsoft is shipping
VisualKit Professional, second in a series of professional GUI palette
items for VisualWorks developers.  Leveraging the power of VisualWorks and
its extensible development environment, Objectsoft has developed
additional palette items that include: a fully functional spreadsheet
widget, an enhance notebook, card files  or tab index files, a recycler or
"trashcan",  state and animated state buttons and springs for attaching
any two VisualWorks GUI components.  VisualKit Professional is designed to
integrate completely with existing VisualWorks applications and GUI
models. It also contains all event code to allow the VisualKit
Professional widgets to operate in the future convergence strategy of
ParcPlace-Digitalk. VisualKit Professional is available on VisualWorks 2.0
or VisualWorks 2.5 and will run on any supported VisualWorks platforms.

"VisualKit Professional allows VisualWorks developers to fully realize the
benefits of object-oriented development with graphical user interfaces. No
longer will VisualWorks developers need to hand-craft sophisticated
widgets that take months and require on-going maintenance. Software reuse
is the overall goal, and Objectsoft is striving to provide Smalltalk
developers with many different options," said Kevin Clark, president and
CEO of Objectsoft.  "VisualKit Professional combines several complex
widgets at a reasonable price for the VisualWorks developer. It also
combines to future event model from ParcPlace-Digitalk so existing VSE
customers will be able to take advantage of our products as the
ParcPlace-Digitalk products converge."

VisualKit Professional Features
VisualKit Professional extends the base palette of VisualWorks to allow
maximum reuse of components with little learning curve. Objectsoft has
modified only one (1) base method to write VisualKit Professional and it
is the same code for VisualWorks 2.0 and VisualWorks 2.5.

A TableSheet
VisualKit Professional contains a spreadsheet widget, the TableSheet. This
TableSheet allows many major features of commercial shrink-wrap
spreadsheets. It is a critical component for database applications and
tabular presentations.

Enhanced Notebooks
Objectsoft has enhanced the standard VisualWorks notebook appearance,
functionality and speed. 3D, proper beveling, cached subcanvas and
complete properties sheet assignments are just some of the features of the
OS Notebook.

Card Files
This widget is similar to the Tab Index File widget in Windows. It
contains all speed enhancements built in the OS Notebook with choices for
scrolling or layered presentation.

The ability to attach two VisualWorks widgets and dynamically size them
without custom coding has been a wish list item for many VisualWorks
developers. Imagine! Browser with sizable panes!.

State Buttons Animated State Buttons
State Buttons and Animated State Buttons allow developers to animate a
series of labels, label and icons, images, etc. on a button. This may run
a background process to change state or when the end-user clicks on the
button with a mouse.

The recycler is a visual component to place on a canvas that will accept
drag and drop items using VisualKit drag and drop. Developers may
customize images for full and empty states, as well as, indicate the
ApplicationModel to invoke when the recycler is "opened".

Pricing and Availability
VisualKit Professional is available for shipment immediately on
VisualWorks 2.0, VisualWorks 2.5 ENVY 1.43 and ENVY 3.01. Pricing starts
at US$500 for the Windows, OS/2 and Mac development environments and
US$600 for UNIX. International customers please add US$100 for shipping
and handling.  For additional information, call (312) 587-9945.  Written
inquiries may be directed to Objectsoft, 47 West Division, #136, Chicago,
IL 60610

Objectsoft, Inc.
Objectsoft is the leading provider of visual components for the
ParcPlace-Digitalk VisualWorks environment. Objectsoft's products support
open computing, portability and industry standards.  The company also
provides a comprehensive range of services, including customer support,
training, on-site assistance and consulting.


Copyright 1995 Objectsoft, Inc.  All rights reserved.  VisualKit and
VisualKit Professional are trademarks of Objectsoft, Inc., Chicago, Il.
All other products or services mentioned herein are trademarks of their
respective companies.

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