Smalltalk and components (was: Sprint: Hello Java, bye bye Smalltalk) 
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 Smalltalk and components (was: Sprint: Hello Java, bye bye Smalltalk)


I'm not sure if I can tell you about the specific nature of the
components Andrzej speaks of; I suspect I may be treading on or near
company confidential information, so I'll digres on that point.

I can say what it isn't though:  Andrzej doesn't speak about VW Parcels,
VA Image Components, or Java Beans.


I disagree that components are an unknown term in the Smalltalk world,
as mentioned above, there are parcels and ICs.  However, though some
aspects of our specific use of the term may not be addressed in
parcels or ICs, I think with some extra footwork those areas can be
addressed.  A good offline discussion perhaps, though it's probably a
moot point.


> > What do you mean by the term "component"?

> "Component: is unknown term in Smalltalk world. For detailed
> explanation see the book by Clemens Szyperski, "Component Software-
> Beyond Object-Oriented Programming",  Addison-Wesley, 1997.

Jason Steffler
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