apple's 1985 smalltalk 
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 apple's 1985 smalltalk

I have Apple's experimental Smalltalk environment from 1985, which ran on
the Mac 512, Mac 512e, and Mac Plus.  (It ran extremely slowly, but only
cost $50 for 7 400-K disks).

Today's modern Macs could run this SmallTalk at a not-too-bad speed, if
its executable (and SmallTalk code) could be updated to properly handle:
 - HFS file system
 - color screens
 - 32-bit memory addressing
 - who knows what else?

In fact, I would LIKE to make this into a shareware SmallTalk, but I
that I'd need permissions from Apple and Xerox.

Is there anyone out there that might want to help me do this just for my
own personal use?

Are there any (present or former) Apple people who are familiar with this
SmallTalk and can give advice?

Any Apple/Xerox people who could authorize making this shareware?

Don't ask me to mail you the whole environment, since I respect copyrights.

Thu, 17 Apr 1997 06:13:03 GMT  
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