Why doesn't everybody use smalltalk? 
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 Why doesn't everybody use smalltalk?

> What about that ? Just replace the goddamn JIT within JRE with
> something which has proper support for Lisp, Smalltalk or whatever
> have you.

No offense intended, but why should I?  The Java camp has made it abundantly
clear that they could not care less about other languages.  Their stance
(Jaguar notwithstanding) is "If you can get it to run well on the JVM, fine.
If not, well, tough."  So since the Java camp sees no percentage in
supporting Smalltalk, I see no advantage in supporting Java.  In fact, I
feel downright wonderful in ignoring it other than bashing it for the
brain-dead construct it is.

And, with respect for Andy Bower's request, I am redirecting this to
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacy.  My ISP doesn't have it yet, but even as I
intend to drop the habit of arguing with people who try to sell me on their
religion (anti-Microsoft or otherwise), maybe someone will want to carry on.


Tue, 11 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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