data validation and data format 
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 data validation and data format

Hi, I am working on an Bussines application where i need to validate input
data and format.
I have a lot of questions for everyone who was deploying this or similar
kinds of app.
For example :
    1) I have a numeric data , how can I validate that the user input have a
certain format : (by example ->>>,>>9.99).
    2) In a String data how can i define a mask : 'XXX-XXXXX-XXX' .Or if I
have a mask : 'AAAAA-AAAAAA' how can i validate that the
        input characters are all alfabetic ones?.
    3) If I have a Object by example a Item for Sell and this item have a
Supplier. I need to define in the Item an attribute idSupplier the same as
in Relational DataBase applications or , like I prefer , can I define
supplier as an attribute and have the supplier (the object) referenced in
item ? . In that case, how can i do
the data input for this attribute ( supplier )? I need to define a combo or
a list with all the suppliers ? . If the item exists , how can I show the
supplier for the item?
i think a Combo where the selection is open over the correct supplier is the
Sorry for my english and

Sun, 07 Sep 2003 03:21:04 GMT  
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