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> > I suppose not using nil as key in LookupTable is "by design" thing. Does
> > anybody know about realization LookupTable in other dialects?

> VAST uses two arrays to implement LookupTable. The presence of nil in a
> in the key table indicates 'no object present'. Therefore it does not
> nil as a key to a LookupTable entry. VAST does allow nil as a key in a
> Dictionary.

In QKS Smalltalk (91-98), and in SmallScript the <Map> class and its
numerous derivatives that include <Dictionary> are all implemented for
efficiency using an array of pair'ed (or arbitrarily tupled slots for
multi-key versions) slots (not Associations).

They allow any object to be stored within them, including <nil>. The
technique is to allocate a unique object that serves as the VOID_KEY. If an
entry contains the VOID_KEY then it is clear. Which means that the VOID_KEY
is the only object which cannot be contained within such a collection.
However the VOID_KEY is a private shared-variable within <KeyedCollection>
and would not (in a sensible way) be accessible. The use of <nil> as a key
can be crucial in a variety of applications.

Recent benchmarks on c.l.s. within the last 9-MOS or so seemed to indicate
that SmallScript's implementation was the fastest map/dictionary collection
available for any Smalltalk.

I.e., <Dictionary> within SmallScript, is what these other Smalltalks call
<LookupTable>. AssociationDictionary is the map/dictionary class built from
Associations. The core SmallScript library/module does not provide an
Association or AssociationDictionary; they are in the ANSI.Smalltalk
library. A significicantly richer enhancement to associations is used for
<Pool> namespace variable collections and their related <PoolVariable>

<Map> provides a synthetic association interface if needed. During the ANSI
process the general concensus was that use of Associations was innefficient
and should be deprecated within ANSI libraries for standard Map/Dictionary

-- Dave S. []


> Doug Swartz

Sun, 18 Jul 2004 04:25:17 GMT  
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