dynamically removing subparts 
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 dynamically removing subparts

In VisualAge 3.0a I have a shell window with a menu bar
and a scrolled window as a component.  I dynamically add
visual parts (Myclass)which has a form as the primary part
and many other components.

After creating it with newPart, I add it using the
subpartNamed:put: and openWidget methods.

When I want to destroy MyClass it destroys all the widgets but
the instances of the parts (Abt classes) are unable to be
garbage collected.  I have removed all of the references I
have to the class (eg. nil out Instance variables, etc.)
so the only things left referencing the objects are the normal
objects like components, primaryPart, parentPart, etc.  I've
tried lots of methods, including the obvious ones (destroyPart and
removeSubpartNamed:) but nothing seems clear the components,
primaryPart or parentPart IVs.

Can I do this in VA?  If so, how?

Any examples would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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