SW Architect/Designer/Mentor, OO, WEB, AI 
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 SW Architect/Designer/Mentor, OO, WEB, AI

At Noospherics Technologies we use OO, AI and Internet technologies
to provide top quality solutions for business and industry, while
extending and evolving the global web.

We rely on a pool of experienced and seasoned professionals to
provide highly useful consulting and training services to worldwide
customers. Additionally, we develop products which leverage leading
edge technologies and class libraries.

We seek talented object architects, designers, developers, and mentors
with proven project capabilities in one or more of the following
technologies :

    Smalltalk  -- VisualAge, VisualWorks, VisualWave
   . Databases - Oracle, DB2, Gemstone
    Java  --  JavaBeans, JDBC, JDK1.1, RMI
    Netscape  --  Netscape ONE ,  IFC
    CORBA - DSOM, ORBIX, Visigenic Visibroker, Distributed Smalltalk
    COM / DCOM / ActiveX / Viper
    AI  --  Expert Systems, Neural Nets, Intelligent Agents

We offer the opportunity to work at the leading edge of technology -
where the learning and professional growth and challenges dont stop -
and to develop world class, "best practices" solutions.

We will work with candidates on a permanent or contract basis, and
always strive to treat each person professionally and with complete
straightforwardness. If you would like to hear about these
opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter identifying
your project type/salary/location requirements to:

     FAX: 301-854-3643

     or call:
     Dennis Pagano,  301-854-3512

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