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 SUnitBrowser Auto-reset

When using the SUnitBrowser that comes with DS5 I found it a little
repetitive adding a new testBlah method in the system browser, then in
the SUnitBrowser having to click reset for the new testBlah method to
be known about, then clicking Run All to see if the test passes or not.

I put together a little tweak-package that will listen to method
added/removed and class added/removed and for any subclass of TestCase
will reset the contents of the SUnitBrowser, which will then bring the
list of test classes and methods up to date.

You will still have to press the Run button, though assigning an
accelerator key (F5 for example) to Run All in the View Composer can
help out a bit there.

Pushing this one step further it might be interesting to try and
automatically a trigger a Run All in this case as well. It might be
interesting to also catch method modifies, and then just re-run the
test case class with the modified method.

The package containing the tweak can be downloaded from:
Note it will overwrite the SUnitBrowser>>createSchematicWiring method.

Is there a better way to distribute these tweaks?

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Tue, 04 Jan 2005 10:54:12 GMT  
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