FS: VisualWorks Smalltalk 2.0 for Win3.1/Win95 
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 FS: VisualWorks Smalltalk 2.0 for Win3.1/Win95


VisualWorks 2.0 (works with Win3.1 and Win95) with
manuals, including Users Guide, Object Reference, and
Cookbook.  Includes 3.5" installation disks, Win32s
Installation (for Win3.1) and disks for Business Graphics,
DLL/C Connect, and Advanced Tools (no docs for these).

The current rev is 3.0, so this is not the latest and greatest,
but then again, I'm not gonna expect someone to pay
anything close to what ObjectShare charges these days!  :-)

Make me an offer if you're interested!


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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