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 reviewer needed


   I am looking for someone to write a review of Smalltalk/v and smalltalk
80 for the October issue of Software Development.  The article is due by the
1st of July.  What you need to be for me is: impartial, able to meet the
deadline, and able to write in a moderately coherent manner.  The goals of
the article are to compare and contrast the two systems, talk about how they
are useful to the corporate developer and other such things that would help
someone make a buying decision.
   I am also looking for someone to do a write up on parts and in particular
am looking for someone with experience with the, I hate to say it, COBOL
   If you are interested please send me email, as I don't read this group.
Explain why you are interested, any writing experience and how to be

Thank you kindly,
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Technical Editor - Software Development and AI Expert magazines
600 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94107 phone 415-905-2491

Sun, 08 Oct 1995 04:17:41 GMT  
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