Mentamatics: Books and Stories, a movie book by Ellis D. Cooper 
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 Mentamatics: Books and Stories, a movie book by Ellis D. Cooper

I will not send more e-mails to you unless specifically authorized to
do so via the e-mail link on the web site announced below. Just place
the word YES in the Subject line of your e-mail.

From the outside, The FORM of Mentamatics: Books and Stories at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ is like a book of short movies.

From the inside, The CONTENT centers on my interests in mathematics,
engineering, and philosophy. It is an autobiographical video tutorial
and report on research.

The audience for this FORM is the set of all Educators.

Philosophers, Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, and Engineers may
value the CONTENT. There is a set of stories and tutorials about
Stephen Wolfram's "new kind of science," allocating it a niche in a
new structure called Virtuality. Timing machines populate this vast
space. These encompass both the discrete and continuous realms of
machinery, that is, hybrid systems. Towers of virtual machines
grounded in physical systems implement higher level machines.

From the inside, the purpose is to entertain, to report on my
scientific research, and to raise money for continuing it. However,
from the outside, the main purpose of the web site is to demonstrate
one way Educators may do more for students.* So, please contact me at

institutions use this FORM to deliver personalized tutorial CONTENT
over the Web or on CD or DVD.

*Technology demonstrated includes the following. Quicktime: panorama
with hotspots, video with timed events, audio-only, screen-capture
video, image slideshow; mathematical animation, animated GIF; digital
conversion of analog video; HTML popup windows and frames.

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 Mentamatics: Books and Stories, a movie book by Ellis D. Cooper
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