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 Process question (VW)

You might be able to fork off the dllcc at a barely lower priority than
the pause command.  This will allow you execute the pause.  As for the
code that relies on the return vals of the dllcc call, you could create
a blocking semaphor-like structure to take care of this.  I've used this
kind of technique for controlling stdin/stdout/stderr streams that ran
between my image and an external process (and it worked fine).  In my
case, the std* streams were blocking socket streams and the external
call was forked at a sightly lower priority than the image was running

hope this helps :-)


> Usually VisualWorks Smalltalk will wait and suspend control from the
> user until a DLL C connet call is complete.
> I would like maintain user control -- for example to allow the user to
> press a pause button -- while still waiting for the call to complete
> before moving on through the method.
> A fork will spawn the library call then go on its marry way.  This is
> not good if the code following the call is dependent on the results of
> the call.  I believe some sort of polling loop is necessary.  Would
> this be a good place to use the Process>>interruptWIth: method?
> Looking for a good approach to this problem.

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