Need Visual Age, Visual Works, and Visual Wave Smalltalk mentors and developers and C++ designers/developers 
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 Need Visual Age, Visual Works, and Visual Wave Smalltalk mentors and developers and C++ designers/developers

OBJECTGems, a leader in applying object-oriented
and internet technologies to provide innovative
solutions to business and government in the US and
Europe, is seeking experienced
mentors/designers/developers in the following

        * Visual Age Smalltalk - need senior
mentors/gurus and mid-level developers

        * Visual Works Smalltalk

        * WEB application Development using Visual
Wave and/or the VisualAge WebConnection

        * Visual Smalltalk Enterprise

We have immediate projects in these areas using
the above tools and related advanced technologies,
such as:

        * MQ Series
        * Distributed Object Systems with CORBA
        * Oracle, DB2
        * Gemstone
        * Business Object Modelling
        * OMT, Booch, Unified, Fusion, RDD
        * Paradigm Plus and Rational Rose design

Positions are in the Washington DC - Baltimore
area, throughout the US, and in Europe.

For more information, please send your resume in
plain ascii form with cover letter to:


or call us at 703-917-6625

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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