Advice to Companies Seeking Consultants 
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 Advice to Companies Seeking Consultants

A while ago, there was a thread regarding recruiters, and while I think
some of
them are highly skilled, and some are not, I have a few thoughts here:

Basically, I think companies looking for consultants, especially med-to
highly skilled backgrounds,
SHOULD post their own rec, on comp.lang.Smalltalk or,
contacting a recruiter. Here's why:

        1) Recruiters add cost to the project, sometimes significantly (20% or

        2) Recruiters are out to make a profit; if you tell them you want to pay
$100/hr, they
will do their best to find a guy they can pay $50 an hour first, and then
migrate up from
their.  Often you will get a less than qualified person, simply because
they were able to get
them for the dollars they wanted, whereas more qualified people wouldnt
work for the
low wages the recruiters pay out. If they find someone to work that cheap,
YOU are still paying
$100, but youre getting a less qualified engineer while the recruiter heads
out in his new sailboat.

        3) Doing it yourself enables you to see what the candidate really has to
by seeing their resume immediately, and you can email or contact the person
as well as keep the resume on file for future needs/references.

        4) At best, a recruiter adds cost.
        5) At worst, a recruiter elimantes good people from your shop completely.
Here's how.

I'll use myself as an example:
I have 10 yrs exp in Smalltalk at ALL levels, including system, design,
analysis, Smalltalk
modifications, client/server, GUI etc.  

I am not afraid to publish my rates for the world to see.  For offsite
development, I charge $95/hr.
For onsite in Silicon Valley, $125, and elsewhere, slightly higher.  I
think these are great rates
and a bargain for someone of my abilities.

Let's say you say you don't want to pay more than $100 an hour.  Well, you
and I for instance,
are clearly in the ballpark.  You add a recruiter in there, and the dollars
arent going be that
happy to anyone, whereas without the recruiter, everything is peachy.

        6) Recruiters find people by POSTING on Usenet, so may as well do the same
thing yourself and save a bundle, and get more qualified people to boot!

        Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Jordan Bortz
Object Productions, Inc.
Smalltalk/Java Consultants

408 426 5308

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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