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 ADvance available for download

Last summer, we announced an agreement with IC&C to make ADvance (a very
nice modeling tool - it has made my life easier on more than one
occasion) in VisualWorks.  Th eparcels didn't make the ship date for
5i.4, but they have been ready since slightly after shipment.  You can
get them for VisualWorks via two routes:

1) There is an ADvance bundle in the Cincom open repository.  If you are
using StORE, just load it.  make sure that you load DLLCC and UIPainter
first; the pre-reqs aren't all set as they should be

2) If you are a supported customer, you can download the parcels from
our support site.  Once you login, follow the ftp links through
VisualWorks and onto ADvance.

See the announcement here -


Mon, 12 Apr 2004 21:12:12 GMT  
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