Objectshare: WK/Pro for VA and IBM ST 3.0 Beta 
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 Objectshare: WK/Pro for VA and IBM ST 3.0 Beta

*** High Performance Spreadsheet Parts and more for VisualAge & IBM
Smalltalk 3.0 Windows ***

Objectshare System is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the Beta version of WidgetKit/Professional for VisualAge 3.0 windows.
If you would like to sign up for the beta, call us at 408-970-7280 and
ask to speak to our Beta Coordinator James Chan or fax us at
408-970-7282. You can also send email to James at:

Please note, only the TEAM edition of WidgetKit/Professional is
available for Beta. The standard version will be available as well at
GA. We expect to go GA concurrent with the GA of VisualAge 3.0 or very
soon thereafter. The beta version of WkPro has configuration maps that
will work with either VisualAge 3.0 Beta.2  or IBM Smalltalk 3.0

WidgetKit(tm)/Professional for VisualAge, the first product that
enables programmers to add high-powered spreadsheets and tables to
their VisualAge(tm) for Windows applications. WidgetKit/Professional
provides four basic spreadsheet parts with hundreds of additional
options. Several of the spreadsheets provide power similiar to
Excel(r). In addition to the spreadsheet parts, a set of 5 Data Aware
parts are also provided.

All the spreadsheet parts in WidgetKit/Professional share features such
as ability to load and save data and properties to files, ability to
signal events, printing capability, virtual data loading (useful when
large amounts of data come from an underlying database), and much more.
A sample of the specific capabilities include control of gridlines,
cursor, scroll bars, column and row headers, drag/drop, freezing rows
and columns, and Excel-style block selection of cells. A WYSIWYG
spreadsheet designer provides the programmer with an easy and fast way
to get the look and behavior they want.

Spreadsheet Parts

WkBasicTablePart: The simplest spreadsheet type is a basic table part
which displays a matrix of cells displaying strings. Use the advanced
features common to all of the spreadsheet parts. The spreadsheet
designer makes it easy.

WkDataAwareTablePart adds the ability to display and interact with
typed data. Ten specialized editors (TbXXXCellType) provide flexible
validation and formatting. The cell types can be a button, check box,
combo box, date, time, float, integer, masked edit string, static text
and customizable strings. You get control over the allowable values
with a  flexible protocol.

WkSpreadsheetPart provides all the capability of the data-aware table
part and adds to the ability to support spreadsheet formulas in numeric

WkObjectAwareSpreadsheetPart adds the ability to populate the
spreadsheet with instances of VisualAge part classes. For example, each
row might be an instance of a Customer part, with the attributes: name,
address, telephone number and so on displayed in a column. The use is
analogous to the VisualAge table part AbtTableView.

Features for all Spreadsheet Parts: Each of the spreadsheet parts can
save and read spreadsheet properties and data to and from files,
validate and change the properties, signal events, support printing,
support virtual data management (reading only a portion of the data
into the cells, validate and change the spreadsheet), and import and
export tab-delimited data. A sample of the specific capabilities
include control of gridlines, scroll bars, cursor, column and row
headers, setting number of rows and columns, resizing of columns and
rows, freezing rows and columns, autosizing, single and multiple and no
selection, printing and printing pagebreaks.

Data Aware Parts:

Five of the ten cell types are also available as standalone parts to
provide a wide variety of powerful input validation controls. You get
date, time, masked edit string, integer and float controls. Most of
these parts allow you to choose between different presentation styles.

Spreadsheet Designer

A WYSIWYG spreadsheet designer makes it easy to look and behavior you
want. This is the settings view for all the spreadsheet parts.

WidgetKit/Professional for VisualAge uses the proven FarPoint Spread
DLLs. It also has well-crafted common widget (Cw) abstractions that
integrate all the controls into the IBM Smalltalk class library, and
Smalltalk classes that allow all the controls to be placed and edited
interactively with the VisualAge Composition Editor.

If you want a detailed technical overview of WkPro, send your request

For more information,  call us at 408-970- 7280, fax us at

Systems, Inc., 5 Town & Country Village, Suite 773, San Jose,
California 95128-2026.

S. Sridhar
Objectshare Systems

Sat, 18 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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