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 ImageSearcher for Java

We have released a new version, 023, of "ImageSearcher for Java
(ImageSearcher for Web)".


ImageSearcher is a tool that locates graphic images without relying on
keywords such as file names, category names, etc. ImageSearcher
narrows down potential search targets using actual attributes of the
image itself, such as typical color, average luminance, nine included
colors, image extent, center spectra, freehand reference image, etc.
ImageSearcher is NOT an image retrieval system tied to names and

The major changes since the version 022 includes:

  * In the case of Java2 SDK 1.4 on Linux, 'ImageSearcher for Web'
    supports headless operation.

  * When you would like to specify a color in 'Nine Colors' and
    'Freehand Image', you can choose a color from the screen.

  * When you would like to specify an image in 'Freehand Image', you
    can cut an image from the screen.

  * We finally decided not to support JDK1.1 anymore and use Java2

  * "ImageSearcher for Java" package is now being published as an open
    source software under the terms of "The modified BSD license".

  Best regards,

 SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Inc.

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 13:48:06 GMT  
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