Automated Testing Tool with support for VA SmallTalk 
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 Automated Testing Tool with support for VA SmallTalk

Softbridge, Inc. ( just finished its interface between
VA Smalltalk and its Automated Test Facility. ATF is a high-end
Automated Testing Tool especially designed to test large and complex
client-server applications. ATF supports applications written in VA
SmallTalk, executed on Win95 and Windows NT (3.51 and up).
Soon there also will be support for OS/2. Access to Legacy systems is
possible through 3270-TE support.

Please feel free to contact Softbridge at any time:

Softbridge, Inc. (A Teradyne company)
125 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: (617) 576-2257 or 1-800-955-9190
Fax: (617) 864-7747

Kind Regards,

Andre Arensman
Director of International Sales, ext.385
Softbridge, Inc.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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