Smalltalk/V Mac Text editor commands 
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 Smalltalk/V Mac Text editor commands

I just got a copy of Smalltalk/V for the Mac, and am a newcomer to ST.
My concern is this:  I have quickkeys configured on my expanded
keyboard so that PgUp and PgDn scroll up one click in the scroll bars,
but this fails in smalltalk text windows.  Also, the arrow keys don't
move line to line and character to character like I'd expect.  

Has anyone written methods or whatever you'd need to specialize so
that the right thing is done with say arrow keys in a text window?
I'd like to get a hold of the fixes, or at least pointers to where I'd
have to specialize.

P.s.  I read that Parkplace is releasing Cynergy for the Mac.  Is this
a system that is built on top of their ST-80?  If so, I wonder what
kind of resources are required to run it.  I also wonder if ST/V
couldn't come up with such a compiler type ting.

Jeffrey Sullivan                          | University of Pittsburgh

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 07:12:00 GMT  
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