Accessing Oracle from VWave on SUN OS 5.5.1 
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 Accessing Oracle from VWave on SUN OS 5.5.1

Hi all,

We have the following problem with VisualWave.
We've developped a VWave app (VWave DE 2.0a- VWave Server 2.1) on an NT4.0
platform. This application accesses an Oracle DB (7.1.3).
Now we want to move it from the NT4.0 to a SUN OS 5.5.1.

The problem is that we can not access the Oracle DB (the tests we make
with the Ad Hoc SQL fail).

We've already checked that we can connect to the DB from the SUN platform
with (for instance) SQLPLUS. The config file and environment variables
seem right.

We've asked PPD for this problem and we've been answered that we have to
build a new OE for this specific platform.

Has someone already faced this problem ? Could someone give us more info
on the way to proceed, the needed libraries (ORACLE and SUN) etc ...

Many thanks in advance.

Corinne Gingins.

PS: Please also answer to my email:

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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