Displaying Bitmaps in ST/V panes??? 
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 Displaying Bitmaps in ST/V panes???

I have some bitmaps developed using the Bitmap Manager in Window Builder.
I am also having one hell of a time trying to display these things.  I don't
know, before the pane is displayed, where I want these bitmaps to go.  Thus,
use of the open or initWindow methods won't do.  I need to put these things
up from some arbitrary method or come up with a method or class that
takes a bitmap, pane, and framing parameters.

Anybody got any ideas?

The original goal was to be able to treat these bitmaps as buttons, allowing the
user to drag and drop, click on, etc.  Basically make a moveable button.

All help is greatly appreciated?

Keith Magnant
Global Integrated Business Systems
Xerox Corporation
Rochester, NY

Mon, 04 Mar 1996 00:53:54 GMT  
 Displaying Bitmaps in ST/V panes???
Why don't you just wrap up the bitmap and parameters into a (as Smalltalk calls
it) form (or as I like to call it - mac user) and icon and then create a
moveable button class that will/can use a form for it's picture or did I miss

Tue, 05 Mar 1996 00:49:24 GMT  
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