Controller/View question (dealing with view bounds) 
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 Controller/View question (dealing with view bounds)

>    ^view bounds containsPoint: self sensor cursorPoint
>Now here is my understanding of the above, which must be incorrect
>The view's bounds are just it's extent.

Strictly speaking, bounds (a Rectangle) are not extent (a Point), but you

>But the
>sensor's cursorPoint is relative to the screen coordinates. So it seems
>the #containsPoint: method is non-sensical. It is comparing apples to
>Where am I going wrong?

The sensor is a TranslatingSensor; the cursorPoint you receive is in the
widget coordinate system.

>This background for this question is a controller which doesn't give up
>control when I click the mouse in a different area of the screen. The
>is that the view always thinks it contains the cursor point.

A debugging trace could help you a lot.  Just put an expression to print the
cursorPoint and the view bounds on the Transcript someplace convenient, like
#isControlActive in the controller in question (override it in that class
with "^super isControlActive" if it is not defined).



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