Problems with tiled Windows under MS-Windows 3.1 
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 Problems with tiled Windows under MS-Windows 3.1

Dear Smalltalkers,

I am new in the Smalltalk world. I am using Smalltalk PPS 4.1 under MS-Windows
3.1. I have the following problems.

I have two window A and B. Window A must always be kept behing the smaller
window B. I have tried to solve this "simple" problem but without any success.
Could some one tell  how I must solve this problems ?

Second :
I want to interface C with Smalltalk, i.e :
1. Call C from Smalltalk
2. Call Smalltalk from C

The first part (call C from Smalltalk)
I have CPOK. I was successful in with the first part (Call C from Smalltalk).
However with the second part I was not successful.

Could somebody give me an exmaple how I must call a Smalltalk method from
C, if possible with source code.

Requirements :
1. MS-Windows 3.1
2. DLL (preferable)
3. List of arguments has to be passed between C and Smalltalk.

Looking forward to receiving an e-mail with some of the above information.


Miguel Eersel

Sat, 24 Feb 1996 15:34:23 GMT  
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