An SST error occurred during method invocation 
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 An SST error occurred during method invocation

We are running  VA 5.5.

We get a "ECONNREFUSED (10061)" "(ExSstInvocationError) An SST error
occurred during method invocation", the very first time we try to
execute a method on the server side. This is after the client was able
to connec to the server.

This happens when a lot of users are trying to connect at the same
time. Also we have blocked most of the ports on the server for
security purposes. We have the port SST is running on, open.

It seems to me that the client is trying to get to the server through
a port that is blocked. Is there a list of ports that need to be open
on the server ?.


Mon, 18 Oct 2004 22:34:34 GMT  
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