Sound in VW 2.5 
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 Sound in VW 2.5

Hi Kwin,

PPD had in VW 2.0 an evaluation set that included several programs.
This package included sound (WAV) activation and graphics (BMP).
Also they added connectivity to Oracle, a PowerPoint like presentation and more.
I have done a demo in VW 2.5 using this eval and added also Movies (AVI) using
source that I got somewhere.
You will need Video for Windows (1.0 is fine).
If you like I can send you the code but without guarranty !
I am not sure if everything works under 95' but I am think it might.

Most important, the code will not be platform independent !

Maybe you will get a better solution in the future from one of the other

Good Luck,

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>Another question for the cognizenti...
>Is it possible to play short sounds (I'm thinking of event-specific
>sounds like beeps and clicks) through VW 2.5. I can't find anything
>about sound in the documentation.
>I'm working on a Windows 95 machine, but I really would like my code to
>be as platform-independent as possible, so I don't want to have to do

.Windows API calls. Am I out of luck? Do I need some add-on library?

>All help is much appreciated,
>Kwin Kramer

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