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 Digitalk's Team/V for Source Code Control

We are using Team/V and Visual Smalltalk Enterprise in an
OS/2 Warp environment.  Myself and several other
individuals are responsible for creating and documenting
what I would call "migration" procedures, but I think VSE
calls build procedures.

We are having a difficult time conceptualizing how software
moves (and is managed) between phases of testing, e.g. unit
test, system test, integration test.  Specifically, when we
create our unit test image, we would like to have a method
that locates packages which are part of an application
cluster but are not in unit test, but maybe system or
integration test.  Furthermore, for the purposes of
building the unit test image, if a package was associated
with both system and integration test, we would want to
pick up the system test version, at least for the purposes
of building the unit test image.  Our desire would be the
same for building a system test image except that if an
application package is not found in system test, we want to
look for that package associated with integration test.

I've read a little bit about the Parc Place product called
Bernstein.  It looks like Bernsteins does part of what we
want by using "blessing levels".

Does anyone have written procedures or suggestions which
could help us?

Tue, 24 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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