ANN: CJDLookup revision 3, context sensitive code completion tool 
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 ANN: CJDLookup revision 3, context sensitive code completion tool

I have just released a new version of CJDLookup, a context sensitive code
completion tool for Dolphin Smalltalk.  The concept is similar to VB code

I think this is a fairly significant upgrade.  I have been able to make it
much smarter and more useful than the previous version.  See the page for
the details.

Major New Features:
1. If it can not determine the class of a receiver it will allow the
selection of any method in the system via a filterable list.  As part of
this I have optimized the filter technique.

2. A method will now be parsed via the SmalltalkParser to determine the
argument and temporary variables.  My approach should be tolerant of
incomplete methods.

3. The handling of numeric and string receivers has been enhanced.

4. The ability to integrate with other add-on tools has been improved.

Thanks to everyone who has offer suggestions and encouragement regarding
this tool.

You can read more and download the new version here:

Please report any problems.  I will be away from my computer this weekend,
but will be back on Tuesday.


Mon, 26 Sep 2005 09:01:19 GMT  
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