T-Gen -- posting Don Robert's vw3.0 parcels for T-Gen 
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 T-Gen -- posting Don Robert's vw3.0 parcels for T-Gen


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T-Gen - The Parser Generator for Visualworks See also
From the README: SUMMARY T-gen Version 2.2.1. (this version ported to

parcels Don Roberts sent me in January of 1999.

T-gen is a general-purpose object-oriented tool for the automatic
generation of string-to-object translators. It is written in Smalltalk
and lives in the Smalltalk programming environment. T-gen supports the
generation of both top-down (LL) and bottom-up (LR) parsers, which will
automatically generate derivation trees, abstract syntax trees, or
arbitrary Smalltalk objects. The simple specification syntax and
graphical user interface are intended to enhance the learning,
comprehension, and usefulness of T-gen.


Being unable to get Don Robert's attention, I'm posting his updated
T-Gen parcels here.


A minor bug in the vw3.0 parcels ... a T-Gen grammar requires the class
GrammarTreeBuilder, not AbstractTreeBuilder.... here's the fix

GrammarSpecParser methodsFor: 'private'



These vw3.0 parcels load into a vw5i.2 image and work with the follow

A vw5i.2 image loses the source when re-parcelling a generated
initialize method of a tgen scanner or parser. The initialize method
sets the prodTable to be an array of literals. The literal used for
representing the endOfInput is $x where x is the (Character value: 4),
an unprintable character. The XML format code reader in vw5i.2 does not
tolerate non-printable characters in the input.


LEGAL INFORMATION The authors make NO WARRANTY or representation, either
express or implied, with respect to this software, its quality,
accuracy, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. This
software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume the entire risk
as to its quality and accuracy. This software is copyright (c) 1992,
1994 by Justin O. Graver. All rights reserved, except as specified
below. Permission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify, and distribute
this software (or portions thereof) for any purpose, without fee,
subject to these conditions: (1) If any part of the source code for this
software is distributed, then this notice must be included, unaltered;
and any additions, deletions, or changes to the original files must be
clearly indicated in accompanying documentation. (2) Permission for use
of this software is granted only if the user accepts full responsibility
for any undesirable consequences; the authors accept NO LIABILITY for
damages of any kind. Permission is NOT granted for the use of any
author's name in advertising or publicity relating to this software or
products derived from it. We specifically permit and encourage the use
of this software as the basis of commercial products, provided that all
warranty or liability claims are assumed by the product vendor.
Developed under the direction of Justin Graver. Authors include: Justin
Graver, Virat Hanvivatpong, and David Wilson.

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