Envy subclasses for superclass access 
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 Envy subclasses for superclass access


>I have been told that Envy can support test automation by providing
>the ability to define a subclass in which all superclass variables are
>visible.  This allows a test driver to be implemented as a subclass
>of the class under test.

Envy provides the ability to define an extension of a class.  An extension
is essentially a group of methods which can be loaded and unloaded
independently of the class definition. One could implement the test as a
separate application or a subapplication that extends the classes being
tested with methods that perform the tests, but it would be smarter to use a
real testing framework such as the Kent Beck one.  The classes and methods
that set up the tests can still be in a separate application--this way, they
can easily be separated before packaging.  Finally, in my not so humble
opinion, implementing a test driver as a subclass of the class under test
sounds suspiciosly like the design style of C++ programmers who still have a
hard time realizing that aggregation, collaboration, and inheritance cannot
be freely interchanged for the sake of pleasing the compiler.


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 Envy subclasses for superclass access


>Yes, of course -- this question arises in the context of developing patterns
>that document exactly such a framework.  The essential problem (not limited
>to Smalltalk) is how to achieve sufficient controllability and observability
>of the class under test when the implementation is encapsulated.  This problem
>must be solved (or tolerated) regardless of the test framework used.

Easy. The test framework should be able to break encapsulation. Encapsulation
is a mechanism for program organization. There are clearly reasons that
particular systems may need to violate it in a disciplined way, e.g. testing,
persistence. In Smalltalk this is possible through using the reflective
mechanisms. Java didn't used to have this, and they found they needed it, q.v.
the changes to the security mechanism in JDK 1.2.


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