dll return type? 
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 dll return type?

I'm using VA Smalltalk 4.5.....

I make dll file with delphi...
Function GetIPfromHost(hostnm : pchar ): pchar; stdcall;
  tcpclient : TTcpClient;
  resultHost : pchar;
  tcpclient := TTcpclient.Create(nil);
  resultHost := pchar(TcpClient.LookupHostAddr(hostnm));
  result := resultHost;

this is 'mycom' -->     function

and make VA smalltalk PlatformFuction

getIPfromHost := PlatformFunction
 callingConvention: 'c'
 function: 'GetIPfromHost'
 library: 'c:\kyobo\mymsg\Mymsgdll.dll'
 parameterTypes: #(pointer )
 returnType: #pointer.

r := (getIPfromHost callWith: (nm asPSZ) ).

I think "r" is '' but that is something another SmallInteger....

How to do?


Sun, 27 Jun 2004 08:02:24 GMT  
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