Mac OS9 Launching a specific document 
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 Mac OS9 Launching a specific document

Parctip #132 has general information on using DLLCC to launch Macintosh
applications, and includes sample code.  The code works--and in fact, I
have extended it to work for MacOSX, Unix, and Windows.  I even have
file association support for all platforms EXCEPT MacOS9.

To provide file association support under the older Mac OS's, the
parctip says the following:


Launching a specific document

This example only launches an application.  It is quite common to want
to open a specific document in the launched application.  Apple
Developer Technical Support (DTS) offers some sample code in C that
provides this functionality.  You could compile it into a shared
library and then make your own ExternalInterface to it (as we
described in this ParcTip).  The code is available from:

< http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;


This parctip is so old that of course the URL above is no longer
correct.  But, it is not difficult to find the 'LaunchWithDoc' code it
references (just google 'LaunchWithDoc' and you'll find it).

My question is: has anybody already done this?

In other words, does anybody already have code that launches a specific
document for MacOS9 (i.e., launches the associated app, and tells it to
open the doc)?


Sun, 26 Dec 2004 03:46:30 GMT  
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