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this was on c.l.s today; i've not seen it here, so here it is.

merry Smalltalk christmas to everyone.



> > amazon quoted me full retail for the book. did anybody get it cheaper? i
> > have heard they use some kind of variable pricing system. they also
> > full retail for the new book ' squeak - a quick trip to objectland'.

> Best Web Buys ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) reports that the only
> bookstore offering a discount on Ted's book is BooksAMillion, and then
> only if you're a member of their "Millionaire's Club".  Maybe they'll
> start discounting after it's released.

> Bob Jarvis

I am the marketing manager at Addison-Wesley for this book in the US,
and thought you might be interested in the latest info on its release
here. It has indeed been released in the UK, and copies should make it
to our warehouse in the US Dec 28, so it should start hitting store
shelves the second week of January or so. The suggested list price is
$39.99. I wish I could tell you how's discounting works,
but they won't tell me. After it is released and they start selling it
they may decide to go ahead and discount it. Hope that helps.

Curt Johnson

Mon, 07 Jun 2004 10:37:25 GMT  
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