VWave 1.0 (VW 2.5 may apply) 
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 VWave 1.0 (VW 2.5 may apply)

I am currently using VisualWave 1.0 but VisualWorks 2.5 gives me the same kind of problems.

I have an application that upon initialization(initialize) a DB connection is established. I
am attempting to add error handling around the connection creation that would present an
error screen (page) upon start-up instead of the primary main menu screen (page) that was
attempted in the launch.

I have attempted moving the DB initialization code from initialize to postBuildWith: and
postOpenWith: and cannot get the error screen to display properly. I either get the screen
to my console or no screen at all and an error when I attempt a closeRequest on the original
main menu screen.

Can someone help me in getting the ApplicationModels to open and close correctly?

Code: called from 'initialize'


        | connection |

        connection := OracleConnection new.
        connection class externalDatabaseErrorSignal
                handle: [ :ex |
                        self openSystemErrorView: message.
                        self closeRequest.
                do:     [
                        username: self loginID;
                                password: self password;
                                environment: self server.
                                connection connect.

                        dbConnection := connection.

openSystemError: aError
        "open system error view"

        | application |

        application := MSESystemErrorView new.
        application messageError: aError.

        application := self open: application interface: #windowSpec.
        application window
                application: self;

Hank Harris

Sat, 09 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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