CFP-OOPSLA '95 Poster Session 
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 CFP-OOPSLA '95 Poster Session

                CFP - OOPSLA '95 POSTER SESSION
               Austin, Texas October 16-19, 1995

The poster session is an alternative forum for authors to
present the results of their work. Posters, at least for the
OOPSLA '95 conference, cover the same technical areas of
interest and reflect the same degree of professionalism in
their work as in the technical papers, yet are different in
the manner in which the material is presented by the
author(s).  There is an interactive session associated with
the posters, where all the poster authors attend their
posters and conference attendees can discuss the work with
the authors. The discussions tend to be open and free-
flowing and you are allowed to ask the viewers questions as
well as have them ask questions of you! Posters are particularly
appropriate for work that is too preliminary for a paper session.

OOPSLA '95 Poster Session allows close interaction between
authors and attendees interested in a specific theoretical or applied
approach to object technology.  Posters should provide both visual
impact and the ability to stimulate interaction among attendees.  
Authors are provided display space and are required to
be available during designated times (approximately 4 hours).

For consideration, send three copies of proposal to the Poster Chair by
July 3, 1995.  Authors will be notified of acceptance by August 1, 1995.
Final copies of the poster write-up are due August 18, 1995.

Proposals must include an extended abstract (limited to 8 typed double
spaced pages), a list of keywords, and a preliminary graphic layout.  
A cover sheet should list the name, affiliation, address, phone and fax
numbers, and electronic mail address for all authors.  Send proposals to:

Mamdouh H. Ibrahim
OOPSLA '95 Poster Chair
Electronic Data Systems
Object-Oriented and AI Services
5555 New King Street
Troy, MI 48098
Tel: (810) 696-7129
Fax: (810) 696-2325

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