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 BOSS to/from runtime system

I spent a few days trying to work it out: how to exchange (with BOSS) data and
code between a development and a runtime version of my application (a
simulation system, in VW 1.0). In the development environment everything
works as it should (I can dump and load data and/or code with BOSS). However,

1) I am unable to load code into the runtime system,
no matter what combination of switches (#discard, #keep or
#reference) I use. While the manual states that this way it should be
possible to extent the runtime system with new classes (as compiled code
only), I can't get it to work. Are there any classes missing in the runtime
system (created in the default way with the {*filter*} tool) that are required
to install compiled code, or can it be that certain objects can not be
installed properly in such a runtime system  (like blocks, as in

2) While I can load data (without classes) in the runtime system, I can not
dump it from the runtime system. Again it looks like blocks are playing a
role in this, but it is hard to find out in a runtime system what is
exactly happening.

Has anybody experienced similar problems and solved them? Or maybe someone
with a more thorough understanding of the assumptions/inner workings of BOSS
can point out under which conditions in a runtime system BOSS will work as
advertised and when it won't?

Comments and suggestions highly appreciated!

Hans Baveco                                                     *
DLO Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO)        *
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Mon, 23 Jun 1997 21:33:00 GMT  
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