Strong encryption in the UK 
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 Strong encryption in the UK

Hi all,

I recently had visitors from Brazil.
While discussing several internet security issues, one of them told
me, that there should be a (new?) law in the UK, which threatens everyone
with up to two years of prison, who uses strong encryption (PGP etc.),
without submitting  a copy of his private key to the official authorities.

While I hope, that this is not true, I'm very insecure, because I think,
that there is currently a political tendency, to lose completely control.

Any clarifications from you British fellows here, are highly


Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:04:21 GMT  
 Strong encryption in the UK

> Any clarifications from you British fellows here, are highly
> appreciated.

Sorry, we can't because it's against the law to talk about it in public.

Just joking you understand!!.

The act itself (only for reference really, it's not bedtime reading!) is at

A web search looking for "RIP and act" will find a fair number of hits, none
of them seem particularly comprehensive but they might give you a bit more

Re: the specific bit you mentioned. I think (and I haven't been closely
following the twists and turns of legislation that seems to have changed a
number of times) that the authorities can demand an encryption key, with the
penalties you quoted, *only as part of a criminal investigation*.  If they
have no suspicion that you are using encryption for nefarious (I've always
wanted to use that word <g>) purposes then they won't ask you for any keys.


Tue, 13 Apr 2004 17:10:13 GMT  
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