VW/LDAP problem w/ encrypted passwords 
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 VW/LDAP problem w/ encrypted passwords

Ed: First I tried sending this to VW/LDAP's author, Matt Rosen, but the
address I had that worked for him now complains he's not in the CC:Mail
address book.  CC:Mail???  People are still using that?  Anyway, if anyone
knows where Matt may be, please forward this.


Wierd things:

s := LDAPConnection new connectToHost: 'localhost port: 389.
[ | dn |
 dn := 'uid=username,o=Acme,dc=int,dc=efinnet,dc=com'.
 s authenticateAs: dn password: 'august'.
 s authenticateAs: dn password: '{crypt}ENJx1./KD5/Rw'.
 s authenticateAs: dn password: '{crypt}ENJx1./KD5/Rw'.
 ensure: [ s disconnect ]

This is happening in a server application.  It maintains a connection to an
LDAP server, and checks requests from clients against it to see if their
usernames/passwords check-out.  The web server is encrypting the passwords,
and the first attempt always fails if it was preceded by another
authentication *not* using encryption.  A subsequent attempt using an
encrypted password succeeds.

The error that seems to be coming back (error code) is 49.  I don't have a
clue where to begin with this one, but I'm roaming around inside the code

Any ideas?


Tue, 20 Apr 2004 06:32:25 GMT  
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