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 Porting XSL

Some time ago there was quite a lot of interest in porting the
VisualWorks XML library to other dialects.  It looks like this has
slowly faded, but maybe this post can bring it up again...

Let's not forget that together with XML, there is XSL as well... so
far it was not taken in much consideration because the XPath parser
was written using VisualWorks' macro syntax to generate
recursive-descent parsers, but yesterday I wrote a replacement and I
was able to port XPath+XSL to GNU Smalltalk with practically no
changes.  The source code is not yet available (it is on my hard disk)
but I will bring it with me at Camp Smalltalk 5 in Douai.


ps: James, the FSF is still waiting to know whether GNU Smalltalk can
distribute XML+XSL as Library GPL instead of PPL...

Thu, 03 Feb 2005 17:31:32 GMT  
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