Deploying Spray Web Services 
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 Deploying Spray Web Services

Hi Udo,


> What steps are neccesarry to deploy a Spray Server application?

> I made my Way though some problems ("must no strip" of model methods,
> creating my own SessionManager and changing some code regarding the
> hostname) but I'm still not able to deploy an independent server?

What is the problem you are having?

> Does anybody has code for an stand-alone server app as an example?

There is a sample included in the Spray_5.2.0 release which can be used to
deploy a Spray service using Swazoo. Install the package: "Steve
Waring\Spray WebServices\Servers\SV Swazoo InteropBase.pac" into a fresh
image, and then deploy it to an executable.

Run the executable, and in your web browser go to:

You should see the Soapbuilders interop service. (You can change the host
and port it uses via command line parameters).

FWIW: You can avoid all that, and download the executable directly from:

Hope this helps,

Steve Waring


Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:34:19 GMT  
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