Looking for Information about WebConnections 
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 Looking for Information about WebConnections

I am currently looking for any source of information about Developing
application with Web Connections. The IBM's Web Connections tutorials
have very limited information and examples. Visual Age's AbtWebSapmle
application and couple of others are somewhat interesting but still
hardly usable in today's web design. (They gave me some ideas but once
again quite limited). If anybody has any information available and do
not mind to share it, I will greatly appreciate that.
As of now a have one problem. I have created a simple skeleton for the
future website using Web Connections ( with a few methods for
redirection from the drop down box to different pages)and packaged it.
Now I have a bunch of files in my root directory. Nothing even close
to beeing HTML files. When I try to execute .exe file, I am getting a
message ESVM 40 Dll. file is missing. Does anybody has any ideas of
what the heck I suppose to do? I know that I suppose to have some
additional files in my root directory(at least tutorial sugests
that,)but the most important for me to understand now is how I suppose
to get HTML files out of that packaged application?
I would like to thank in advance for any input.

Thu, 04 Dec 2003 09:46:49 GMT  
 Looking for Information about WebConnections

it seems yu are a bit confused about how to deploy a Smalltalk
executable and the WEb Connection feature in VA Smalltalk.

First of all, a packaged application consists of a virtual machine
(nodialog.exe) and an image file, often called abt.icx, including all
the smalltalk bytecodes. In case of VA ST you also need a bunch of extra
files to deploy to your target machine.

Web Connection does not produce any html files in the way you seem to
expect. If you use web connection to compose web pages visually, the
html files to be sent to the browser are created dynamically by the
program at the moment a request comes in through a web server. So there
are no html files in the file system. You can though have html files to
be processed by your application before they are sent back to the
browser (something similar to Java Server Pages). The so-called
HTML-File Wrappers are used to do this. There is an article by their
author (Bryan Hogan) on IBMs website (VA ST product page -> eye on
smalltalk) describing how you can use these.

Maybe you should do some more reading on VA Web Connection. IBMs
Redbooks site may be a great starting point to gather further details
and tutorial stuff (www.redbooks.ibm.com).

And, of course, if you have specific questions, this newsgroup is
definitely the place to ask them.




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Thu, 04 Dec 2003 17:18:39 GMT  
 Looking for Information about WebConnections

To make life easier, there is a redbook on the topic to be found here:


(get the whole address in one line)

This redbook is not extremely new, but it describes the basic principles
and may be a good starting point.


Thu, 04 Dec 2003 17:38:07 GMT  
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